Ocean seafoods inc


We are The Leading Processors, Exporters, Wholesalers, Retailers and agents of seafood since 2005. Our products

include  fish maws , live seafood such as live yellow eels, live mud crabs, chilled seafood, dried shark fins, dried shrimps, dried fish, all types of black tiger shrimps, freshwater shrimps, white, pink and cat tiger shrimps, hilsha fish, silver pomfret, black pomfret, yellow croaker, cuttlefish, tongue sole, conger eels, kati fish, ribbonfish, red snapper, Indian mackerel, spanish mackerel, freshwater fish such as rohu, ayre, boal, pabda, tengra, mrigal, katal,pangush, puti, koi, tilapia, carfu, tilapia fillet and basa fillet and lots more ……....

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